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Our team will customise the way your car drives and responds by adjusting the software within the ECU through the OBD port.

When a car leaves the factory it has a generic one size fits all map to cater for a wide range of driving styles; the aim of a custom remap is to personalise the driving experience to suit individual taste.

This is done by adjusting: horse power, full/part throttle torque, idle stability, throttle response, rev limit, MPG or adding overrun burble/pop. It is also necessary to update the ECU’s software to incorporate any hardware changes, such as cams and exhaust improvements. All these features are available and customisable to your preference.

To avoid disappointments when purchasing through the webshop, we will remove the immobilizer in the ECU. Through that the modified ECU is very easy to change and works directly in your car! If you would like to have the immobilizer activated anyway, you can always visit our workshop! We have all the equipment to reconnect the tail lock to the ECU.
The alarm will continue to function normally.

160 – 1.8 VVC 

These engines tend to vary a lot in their stock format so it is difficult to give a final power figure as it is dependent on how much power they have to begin with. However they generally gain 10-12 HP and about 10lbft of torque. The below example shows before and after results with an increase of 10hp & 10lbft taking it to 170hp.

In this remap we have focused on increasing the torque to increase across the whole rev range rather than the peak power. This is because the torque is more noticeable giving the car the extra power to pull away in any part of the rev range. This power gain will have given a slight efficiency bump so will return better MPG.

We can also add features like raised rev limiter (7,500) over the stock 7,300. As well as Pop and Bang or overrun burble.

135 – 1.8 (135 CAMS)

The TF135 engine was released by MGRover in a very detuned form for marketing purposes. As such with this engine the SAWS Tuning remap can unlock an extra 10-15hp. We’d recommend changing the backbox to a more sporty version as the OEM/low cost aftermarket versions can be restrictive.

We’re also able to safely increase the rev limiter from 7000rpm to 7200rpm and add in optional overrun burbles/pops to suit customer requirements.

These cars benefit from the increase in torque as due to the nature of high lift cams they can feel low on power lower down in the rev range. The reamap allows the car to feel faster without having to push it to the redline. The cams can also cause a lumpy idle on some cars, we can smooth this out if required.

The limiting power factor on the TF135 is the cylinder head & valves, which limits to around 145-150hp. With larger valves and porting these can run 160-170hp.

120 – 1.8 

The MEMS3 120 engine can see results of around 10-14hp , along with sharper throttle response, increased rev limiter to 7200rpm and overrun burbles/pops.

Even though the camshafts are not very hot to allow large power increases these engines can still see a healthy boost to torque and power both under full and part throttle making these easier to drive.

There is extra potential in this engine especially when the plot shows the power begin to plateau then die off at the top of the rev range but with the remap this power just keeps climbing

115 – 1.6

The 115 tends to see 6-8hp increase , sharper throttle response and options such as increased rev limiter to 7200rpm or overrun burbles/pops. Light breathing modifications give good results on these smaller capacity engines being effectively limited by displacement.

MEMS 1.9
120 – 1.8

This ECU has been long regarded as unmappable, however SAWS has done the development work to create a remap for this ECU. Typically we see 6-8hp increase for these ECUs, with torque increases across the rev range.

Throttle response also becomes sharper adding to the sporty nature of the car and there’s also a slight increase in fuel economy.

Due to the age of this ECU not all the features are available for modification. This means that overrun burble cannot be added and the rev limiter cannot be raised. This is why this map is cheaper to buy than its later models (MEMS 2J/3).

143 – 1.8 (VVC)

The MEMS 2j is an ECU used in the MG-F VVC, Rover 200, Rover BRM and 200 VI.

How it is remapped

The storage or hard drive for this ECU is on a PROM chip. This means it is a flash once chip or is not rewritable. The following 5 steps are how we remap the car:

  1. De-soldered the map storage chip from the ECU
  2. Read the file from this removed chip
  3. Modify this read file, remapping with any changes needed.
  4. This modified file is flashed onto a new blank chip
  5. The new chip soldered back on the board.

This process of remapping is slightly more complicated than with other ECU’s however it is well worth the results. It is also a significantly cheaper way to remap these ECU’s rather than running a piggyback ECU or converting the car to MEM’s 3. This has been classed as an un-mappable ECU by other companies how SAWS has done the development needed to prove this wrong. We believe the results speak for themselves with the car in the screen shot making 176hp, this was independently verified by a customer. We also increase the torque across the rev range as well as adding Pop and bang or overrun burble. The rev limiter can also be raised to 7,500 RPM to give you extra room between gear changes. There is also an increase in economy and the throttle response is much sharper.